Resources for victims

If you have found this page we are guessing it is because either you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault. We are also guessing that you have found this to be an incredibly lonely and isolating time of your life.

Sadly, until sexual assault hits close to home, few people are willing to dive into the ugly and the unknown. So if you are here we know it can feel lonely. You are not alone. There are answers to your questions. There can be healing for your emotions. You are not to blame. You don’t have to walk this alone.

If you have no one in your life to walk with you through this journey, or if you are trying to walk alongside someone you love in this journey, we want to provide you a list of trusted and helpful resources by both knowledgeable and empathetic people. The folks behind  these resources know…and they care.

May the journey become a little less lonely.


Rid of My Disgrace – Justin & Lindsey Holcomb

On the Threshold of Hope – Diane Langberg

The Long Journey Home – Andrew J. Schmutzer

Healing the Wounded Heart – Dan Allender

Predators – Anna C. Salter

Suffering and the Heart of God – Diane Langberg


Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments 

In Missoula:

First Step  Resource Center 

YWCA – Missoula 

Montana State Law – Sexual Assault

Montana State Law – Consent 

Montana State Law – Sexual Intercourse Without Consent 

Missoula County Crime Victim Advocate Program